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BeNspired Medical Productions is committed to excellence in the field of complex life science education. We bring to the table a talent for understanding a variety of culturally diverse audiences and focusing our passions on improving the lives of others through a more thorough understanding of the medical world. We strive to be collaborative in our relationship with clients to greater achieve enhanced and distinctively original stories. Flexibility and fidelity to our client’s needs are paramount to providing such creative and effective visual solutions.

Medical Illustration

We off a variety of styles and complexity with medical illustrations including both line and color work. Accuracy is paramount as is presenting the material in an original way that is engaging for the target audience.


Animation & Virtual Reality

We work on the cutting edge of new techniques in animation and VR to deliver modern interactive media for patient and health literacy education. From stand-alone videos to interactive full 360 environments we want to create a full experience for your intended audience. 

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Have an upcoming conference, lecture or presentation and tired of the same old boring slides? We can add powerful compositions, purposeful effects, and and overall impressive layout to keep your audience engaged. Contact us for examples and a consultation.

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